About us

Our innovations are shaking up small business finance

mcl finance is a true disruptor of the SME lending space. We're absolutely committed to flexible and tailored lending that helps business owners to reach their goals.

Our customers are highly driven business owners who won't turn their backs on an opportunity because of a lack of funding. They'll never let a small financial glitch finish them and they'll double down and do what it takes to succeed and glow.

Feeling good about business finance

We started mcl finance in 2018 with the clear goal of providing a valid alternative to traditional, stuffy business loans. We’ve now serviced millions of pounds in funding to hundreds of businesses all over the UK, using a bespoke loan management system, together with realistic terms to achieve a winning balance.

mcl finance has helped hundreds of businesses to survive, thrive and scale. We always look at the whole story when considering an application, a far cry from the traditional, inflexible SME finance of the past.

Want to grow? That’s music to our ears…

mcl finance was founded to tear down the barriers that stand in the way of SME growth. For too long, entrepreneurs have had to fight tooth and nail for the funding they need to bring their dreams to life. But times have changed and we’re leading the way with simple access to lending, aimed specifically at this market.

We also innovate products and technology to disrupt the SME lending space for good.

Talk to us today to start your partnership with mcl finance.

Our mission

We’re a group of fintech-obsessed professionals who actively innovate and collaborate to find solutions that level the playing field for small business finance. We’ll go that extra mile to help a small business if we believe in it. We’ll take the time to get to know an applicant and their background.

Our Team

Dovi David, Founder & CEO

Yisroel Perkel, Founder & CTO

Francois Sarzin, Non-Executive Director (Financial Controller)

Ahsan Ahmed, COO

Tom Taroni, Head of Growth

Pinni Zaidorf, Head of Partnerships

Saqlain Amin, Senior Underwriter

Nandu Nair, Finance Assistant

Linford Marriott, Collections Manager

Fatma Elgerbi, Account Manager

Maia Fontaine, Partnerships Executive

We’re all GEMS at mcl finance

Each and every one of us proudly shares in behaviours that are reflected in ‘GEMS’: Growth, Enthusiasm, Maintaining Accountability and Seeing Strategically - our four main brand values.

Our GEMS values set us apart from traditional lenders who so commonly turn their backs on small business borrowers.

Our recent awards

In 2021… mcl finance were finalists for the Alternative SME Lender of the Year Award at the Credit Strategy Lending Awards.

In 2020 … our Head of Marketing Rachel Morgan was named the WINNER of the Rising Star of the Year award at the Woman in Credit Awards.


Like the businesses we’ve helped, we’re growing all the time. We’re gearing up for our biggest chapter yet – and each and every one of our dedicated team will be a part of taking that forward. Are you ready to join the mcl finance GEMS?

Why join us?

1 layers

We put politics aside…

Our team makes complex decisions - fast. We challenge any existing perceptions through openness and collaboration.

2 layers

Our team members own it!

We believe that ownership, at work, is everything. We’ll encourage you to own your projects and see them through without interference, disruption or bureaucracy.

3 layers

We encourage innovation…

We love new ideas and solutions. If you think of a better way to do things, we’ll try not to stand in your way.

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