Retail business loans

Fuel your growth with loans specifically built for the retail sector. From high street shops to online businesses, we offer fast and flexible funding so you can focus on where your business is heading. Apply today!

  • Retail business loans from £5,000 to £100,000
  • No early repayment fees or charges
  • Borrow over 1 to 24 months

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Loans tailored for your retail business

In a dynamic and fast-paced industry like retail, you need loans that work with you – not against you.

Whether it's acquiring additional stock, expanding your premises, or launching a marketing campaign, our retail business loans are designed to be as quick, easy and flexible as you need.

You've already got so much to think about running a retail shop. So, let us worry about providing the small business loan you need and get back to turning your vision into a reality. Your customers are your priority and you're ours.

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How our business loans for retailers work

There's no risk in applying because we'll let you know if you're eligible before any further checks are done. That means no impact on your credit score or your ability to get a business loan for retail in the future.

1. Apply for a retail business loan

First, we'll check your eligibility. You'll need to submit some basic information and we'll get back to you ASAP with an initial decision. If you are eligible, we'll ask for a few more documents such as your photo ID and last quarter of business accounts.

2. Get approval

With the help of a dedicated account manager, we'll take you through the full approval process step by step. Our decisions are based on the key metrics that matter, including disposable income, payment history and expected cash flow.

3. Receive your funds

If your application is successful, we'll work with you to make sure your retail business loan is deposited into your bank in under 4 hour. You're in the driver's seat from there.

Apply for a retail business loan

What can you use a retail business loan for?

We'll never tell you how to invest your business loan for retailers – that's completely up to you. But we're always happy to make some suggestions. You may want to use your loan to:

  • Invest in new stock and equipment
  • Turn your retail expansion plans into reality
  • Support business growth
  • Make light work of cash flow
  • Attract customers to your retail shop
  • Seize unmissable business opportunities

We've already helped retail businesses like you

We pride ourselves on helping retail business owners realise their potential. Our loans for retailers have already helped companies like yours, as you can read about below:

"When Covid-19 kicked-in and the UK went into lockdown, so did access to loans. A broker referred me to mcl finance who were happy to offer financial assistance. mcl finance is superb and quick! A few clicks on your phone, signing e-docs, direct debit completion and the money is in your account the next day. I will definitely use this company again."

Lilly Jones, Director, Jones Real Estate Limited

"mcl finance was actually recommended to me by my bank manager. Obviously my bank had always backed me, but they just took so long to do it. Literally 24 hours after my application, I had the finance I needed. It was so fast, I’ve never known anything like it."

Charlotte Richards, Founder & Managing Director, Talismanico Ltd

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Apply for retail business loan today

Take the next step with a loan for retail from mcl finance. Our unsecured loans are fast and flexible to help you make bold decisions for your business.

Apply today and we'll get back to you with a decision as quickly as we can.

Does your retail business take card payments? Then you're in luck! Take a look at our merchant cash advance. It's a flexible way to pay back your loan, through a small percentage of your card transactions. So why wait?

Apply for a retail business loan

Retail business loans FAQs

What is retail business loan?

Retail business loans are a fantastic way to secure the financial support your retail business needs. With these loans, you can receive the full amount of money you require and make convenient monthly repayments at a fixed fee that includes interest. It's important to note that loans for retail businesses may require a personal guarantee. This means that as the business owner, you would become personally liable for paying back the money in the event of any default on loan repayments.

What are the different types of retail loans?

There are various types of small business loans depending on your needs as a retailer. If you need quick cash to keep your business ticking over, a merchant cash advance, short-term loan or cash flow loan could be your best fit.

If you're looking to expand your retail operation, an unsecured loan can help you make big moves without risking assets. Whatever your plans, mcl finance can provide retail business loans to meet your needs.

What's the best way to finance a retail business?

In an ideal world, organic growth and healthy cash flow would be enough to finance your retail shop. But we understand this isn't always how things work. Our retail finance loans offer quick, flexible funding to help you take your business to the next level with that added support.

What types of retailers do you offer loans to?

Our loans are suitable for a wide range of retailers: from convenience stores to bookshops, antique and vintage shops— you name it, we'll help it!

What is the difference between a retail business loan and a regular business loan?

On the face of it, they are the same thing. A key thing that retail owners should consider when applying for a business loan is their cash flow. Retailers tend to see fluctuations in their sales; for example, a florist will be busier around Valentine's Day in February and quieter in January. Therefore, it's good to provide lenders with your bank statements over a longer period so they can take into consideration dips in your cash flow to approve you for a retail loan that best fits your business."

Who can get a loan for retailers?

Our small retail business loans are available to companies and entrepreneurs meeting the following criteria:

  • UK-based
  • Private or limited company
  • Turnover of at least £15,000 per month
  • Trading for more than 12 months