Hospitality business loans

If your business is in the hospitality trade, take your customer experience to new heights with a business loan for your restaurant, pub, hotel or bar. We're here to serve you, so you can continue to serve your customers long into the future. Try the mcl finance way today!

  • Unsecured loans from £5,000 to £100,000
  • Borrowing terms from 1 to 24 months
  • No early repayment charges

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Hospitality loans serving your business

There's little time to deal with complicated loan applications when you've got customers to attend to. Many banks don't understand this, but we do. The mcl finance way offers a convenient route to hospitality business loans, giving you the quick and flexible funds needed to enhance your customer experience.

As a business owner in the hospitality industry, you have a lot on your plate. We know the challenges of running a restaurant are much different to a pub or hotel, so we make sure our business loans are tailored to your business' specific needs. With cash in your pocket, you can get back to doing what you do best.

Apply for a hospitality business loan

How our hospitality business loans work

Don't worry, there's no risk in applying. We'll give you an initial decision on your eligibility before any further checks are done, so your credit score won't be impacted.

1. Apply for a hospitality loan

We'll always assess your eligibility first. For this, you need to submit some basic information and then we'll get back to you with an initial decision. If we think you're eligible, we'll ask for documents such as a photo ID and your last three months of business accounts.

2. Get approval

You'll have the support of a dedicated account manager with you every step of the way as we take you through the full approval process. We'll consider factors such as disposable income, payment history and expected cash flow before making a final decision.

3. Receive your funds

Once your application has been approved, you should receive your hospitality business loan in under four hours. With cash in your account, you can start putting it to good use

Apply for a hospitality business loan

What can you use hospitality business loans for?

You know what matters to your business and customers the most, so we're not going to dictate how you should use your hospitality loan. However, we're always happy to make a few suggestions if you need them. You could use the cash to:

  • Help you execute your expansion plans
  • Support organic growth
  • Provide a cash flow boost
  • Refurbish your pub, restaurant, hotel or bar
  • Upgrade your front or back-of-house equipment
  • Reach out to new customers

We've already helped hospitality businesses like you

We're putting fast and flexible hospitality loans on a platter for your business. You'll see we've already done the same for others:

"When Covid-19 kicked-in and the UK went into lockdown, so did access to loans. A broker referred me to mcl finance who were happy to offer financial assistance. mcl finance is superb and quick! A few clicks on your phone, signing e-docs, direct debit completion and the money is in your account the next day. I will definitely use this company again."

Lilly Jones, Director, Jones Real Estate Limited

"mcl finance was actually recommended to me by my bank manager. Obviously my bank had always backed me, but they just took so long to do it. Literally 24 hours after my application, I had the finance I needed. It was so fast, I’ve never known anything like it."

Charlotte Richards, Founder & Managing Director, Talismanico Ltd

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Apply for a hospitality business loan today

Take your restaurant, pub, bar or hotel to the next level with a hospitality business loan from mcl finance. Start your application today to get funding as soon as possible or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Apply for a hospitality business loan

Hospitality business loans FAQs

Can I borrow money to open a restaurant?

To be eligible for a business loan for a restaurant, you need to have been trading in some capacity for at least 12 months and be turning over more than £15,000 per month. This doesn't have to be from an existing restaurant, though.

If you've started your business at home or from a food truck and you've already got over 12 months of trading history and enough income, we'll be more than happy to consider you for a loan to open up your first restaurant.

Can I get a business loan for a pub?

Eligible businesses in the hospitality industry, including pubs, bars and restaurants, are more than welcome to apply for one of our small business loans. Whether you're looking to secure another lease or make refurbishments to your premises, a loan for pubs can help you welcome back the punters with even better service.

Is a business loan for a restaurant, pub or bar secured?

Some lenders might ask you to secure your assets against a business loan for your restaurant, bar or pub. We only provide access to loans for the hospitality industry that are unsecured, meaning you can get funding with nothing more than a personal guarantee.