“Literally 2the same day later, I had the finance I needed. It was so fast, I’ve never known anything like it.”

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Charlotte Richards grew up in Spain and worked as a translator for her mother’s property business when she was still a teenager. She had an affinity for working with people and property. She also had an astounding sense of ambition.

After a stint at Credit Suisse Trade Centre in Zurich from the age of just 17, she was headhunted by a specialist estate agency in Ibiza. This role further cemented Charlotte’s passion for high-end real estate.. “I loved selling properties so much, so I ventured out on my own.”

After drumming up £350 million of investor interest through joining the Rotary Club in Marbella, Charlotte launched Talismanico in 2013. She also worked alongside Sotheby’s International, in a partnership that helped Charlotte reach her real estate goals. “It just grew and grew and grew,” she explains, “but the next stage was to take on a Sotheby’s franchise myself so I could increase my turnover more significantly.”

“mcl finance was actually recommended to me by my bank manager,” says Charlotte, remembering the moment she decided to try a different route to finance. “Obviously my bank had always backed me, but they just took so long to do it”, she explains.

When it came to meeting the eligibility criteria and signing the Sotheby’s franchise contract, she needed the funding within 48 hours, so she explained to mcl finance about the funding she required. “Literally 2the same day later, I had the finance I needed. It was so fast, I’ve never known anything like it.”

“Getting the finance I needed within 2the same day enabled me to literally double my turnover that year.”

Talismanico continues to go from strength to strength and Charlotte now plans to expand the brand into the luxury health and fitness industry, with a smoothie and Bootcamp business set to launch in 2021. You can also read more about Charlotte’s remarkable story in her book The Brave Girl.

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