New debt facility from Shawbrook Bank!

2022 12 22 shawbrook announcement web 2

What a way to kick start 2024! Today, in partnership with Haogen Technologies Limited, we announced that we’ve secured a further debt facility from Shawbrook Bank.

The new debt facility will support our continued growth and expansion plans in 2024, ensuring we can help even more UK small businesses access the finance they so importantly need.

We have a clear mission to revolutionise small business finance, aiming to replace the business finance landscape with a more supportive approach. By leveraging AI and machine learning technology, we plan to become the UK’s largest small business loan servicer. Using cutting-edge technologies and advanced data analytics, to make the most accurate lending decisions.

We enable businesses to easily access loans with realistic terms, clear & bespoke decisioning and super quick funding. mcl finance works closely with Haogen
Technologies Limited, who facilitate the funding of the loans.

Since launching, we have helped hundreds of small businesses across the UK access tens of millions of pounds, allowing them to grow, scale and strive.

Dovi David, our Founder and CEO at mcl finance said:

“We’re very excited to grow our partnership with Shawbrook. The team’s at mcl finance and Shawbrook have built a really strong relationship over the last year, and mcl finance’s decision to choose Shawbrook to expand its funding line is testament to this.

The new funding will accelerate our growth, solidifying our role as a key player in SME finance. With a strong brand, unwavering values, and a popular product, we're poised for even greater success.

We can’t wait to get going with more of the same. We know that 2023 was a difficult period for small businesses, but with some light at the end of the tunnel, we’re confident we’re able to help even more businesses grow and strive in 2024.”

Warren Mutch, Director, Structured Finance at Shawbrook Bank said:

“Having worked with Dovi and the team at mcl finance on the original funding line, we were very impressed with their offering and the success they had. Naturally, we were well-placed to arrange an increased debt line and moved swiftly to support the business as it looks to accelerate its growth and assist more SMEs in the marketplace.”

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